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Anios production site update

In late 2019, the discovery of the presence of microbiological contamination in the Sainghin-en-Melantois plant, required us to recall several products. In response to this situation, Laboratoires Anios implemented an unparalleled remediation program, including investing more than €9 million to implement engineering improvements, new processes and more stringent microbiological testing.

Taking this outcome into account, on Tuesday, 26 May, the French health authority, the ANSM, lifted its Sanitary Police decision.

During this period, we have always maintained testing of relevant products, and this testing has demonstrated that the products we placed on the market are compliant with the specifications required by the ANSM Sanitary Police Decision.

Following the lifting of the Sanitary Police decision, we will continue to maintain a testing regime of our products according to the release protocol agreed with ANSM. We have and will continue our robust cleaning and disinfection protocols and incorporate microbiological testing throughout our manufacturing process.

We want to thank our customers for their understanding as we have worked through this situation, which resulted in production and delivery delays. It was an unfortunate situation but has enabled us to improve standards and processes for patient safety. All along, our goal was to ensure that all impacted parties, customers, employees and authorities were kept up to date with our progress.

In March, we entered the pandemic phase, which tested the protocols and improvements we had put in place. We are very pleased that the team at our Sainghin-en-Melantois site has been successfully operating the plant 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has been able to dramatically increase the amount of critical viricidal products used in the pandemic fight. However, we recognize that this production increase may not be sufficient to meet the exponential demand created by the pandemic.

We thank again our customers and partners for their trust and support as we worked to become a stronger partner.