A design department dedicated to cleaning and disinfection equipment


To optimize the performance of our products, we have a dedicated team who design and manufacture specific equipment: soap dispensers, hyperaseptic washbasins, computer-controlled endoscope cleaning and disinfection modules, aerosols and sprays, instrumentation soaking tanks, terminal filters…

Some equipment requires installation by a dedicated team, supplemented by training in it use.


New equipment research (R&D)

Our Equipment Design Department conducts research into new materials for the proper use of products with consideration for field constraints, as well as improvement of the existing materials.


Equipment assembly and manufacture

A dedicated team of technicians assemble the equipment (aerosols and sprays, washbasins, endoscopy modules…).

All furniture (Corian lab tables and endoscopy modules) is made to measure with your constraints in mind.

We install and start up the equipment on your premises.


Equipment storage and despatch

Laboratoires ANIOS have a team responsible for storage and despatch of equipment to the customers.


Generate barcodes for the AEROSEPT range


After-Sales Service

Technicians are available for field support.